May 15, 2017

Hi Beautiful!

Current situation in Goa: monsoon has made a surprise, early appearance! This is a spectacle like no other, nature showing its might. The sort of power shower where you could comfortably shampoo your hair and have a neck massage. Not that I’ve tried.. In other words, it’s a good day to sit in front of the computer, go through the photo archives and babble a bit.. :) All three are my unfortunate special talents.

Since I'm lucky enough to get full access to the factory and artisan workshops, I thought it would be fun to share a bit more on the blog side. Knowing that the working conditions are good was a priority when I decided to create a clothing line. It's one thing to be far removed from the whole process and just shop for pretty things hanging on fancy rails; it's something else to sit right there while the garment is being made. My name is on it, literally.

While some of these pictures are not particularly glamorous, it sounds like many women these days care about the background of their clothes. Slow fashion = doing good. While there’s no need to go all Mahatma Gandhi and spin your own yarn, it’s reassuring to know that the person who made your clothes is a grown-up, gets fair salary, works regular hours in a safe environment and takes pride in their profession. Having said that, hit me up if you have a spare spinning wheel - would love to try!

Factory Floor in Bangalore
Sewing factory floor in Bangalore, India, where the first capsule collection was created. I’ve spent +150 hours here and can promise the conditions are fair. There should never be a need to make a ‘surprise visit’ because, deep down, you’re suspicious. On a weirdo note, the subtle buzz of the machines is strangely hypnotising!

Colour threads for kaftan embroidery
Part of the development process. Choices choices.. Picking colours for the Lilian kaftans.

Embroidery stitching on a wooden frame
Practice round. We’re testing out the pattern and colour combinations.


Master-ji behind the machine testing out embroidery patterns
Old school. The pattern is marked on the fabric and then, bit by bit, stretched on a wooden frame during the embellishing. The person who does the final work has an honorary name in the factory: Master-ji. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone called you Master-ji?! A sure sign you have honed skills, patience and are, on top of it all, rather likeable and/or respectable. Life goals.

Gold and bronze embroidery on Lilian kaftan
Final product. Me being typically Scandi, went for the classic tones and straighforward, geometric embroidery.

Henna Sipari - hanging out in Haji Lane, Singapore
Embroidered into Lilian kaftans. More importantly though, who is this beautiful stranger behind me..?! Here I am, all posey grinning like a meerkat, while obviously this shot is all about him!  


Henna Sipari - Lilian embroidered kaftan in coral colour
Wearing me, myself & I <3 



Henna Sipari - Lilian Cotton Kaftan in seafoam turquoise
The final glossy part which ends up on social media: Lilian Cotton Kaftan

Henna Sipari - Lilian Cotton Kaftan in white and gold
Because summer & white = love!  Lilian Cotton Kaftan 


Bye for now! 
Superlove, Henna