February 22, 2018

Hi Gorgeous! (and also Hello Boys if I have any male readers..?) 

Sorry I've been all silent here on the blog! You'll get all my latest news on Instagram in case you need more of my babbling :) It's the so-called high season in Goa and I've had lovely guests for the past few months - keeping me busy on the beach, chasing sunsets, checking out restaurants, the important stuff that makes life worthwhile. No complaints and 100% unapologetic about that bit! 

One of my guests was wearing the Marina dress, and as a curious, creative person, she wanted to know how I printed them. So here goes, a little peek behind the process.

It was tons of fun hanging out at the artisan cottage in Bangalore, India, formulating this thing. Quaint little place. I have timelined the process of screen printing the dress in pictures and a snappy little video - hope you like it :)

 Marina Linen Dress is a subtle tribute to the brilliant colours of India. As colour shy as I am, I do like a few brave combinations. The two mixtures used in this design can be seen on the outer walls of many South Indian houses.

Henna Sipari - Resortwear Linen Stripe Dress
Fun fact: because of its high visual impact, stripe, as a motif, was reserved for social outcasts and criminals throughout the Middle Ages. We may be a little naughty, but definitely not criminals! In actual fact, my model for the first Capsule Collection used to work as a criminal lawyer 

Henna Sipari - Screens for printing
Screens for printing

Screen print process for stripe pattern
Step one: using the photo emulsion technique for screen printing. Getting the pattern right and digitally printing it onto a film positive

Screen printing stripes by an artisan
The film positive is placed on a stretched mesh frame that has a layer of light sensitive emulsion. This is left to dry in the hot, blazing sun of India. The emulsion hardens, except for the bits where the film positive is placed, in this case the black stripes. Finally the frame is washed and we have a screen for printing. Old school and time consuming? Yes, but so much fun 

Colours for the Marina dresses
Blending some smoothies. No, really, these are the candy colours for the dress that we're cooking up here

Henna Sipari - Artisan applying paint to linen dress
Stripe one! The ink is squeezed through the mesh with a squeegee

 Now see it in action!

Chamundi Mountains in Bangalore
Taking care of some monkey business in the mountains while the paint dries. He was yawning, for the record. Animals like me :) It's funny how people say India is busy and loud.. Somehow I always find peace and quiet here, surrounded by nature and animals

Henna Sipari - creating resort wear
To the cutting table! I may not wear traditional Indian clothes while I'm here but I nearly always braid my hair. It's one of my favourite things about Indian women. If only I had their hair.. 

Henna Sipari - Resortwear Linen Dress 1
When your model looks like Elsa from Frozen :) AND there's a beach dog hanging out with us! Shop here: Marina Linen Dress

Henna Sipari - Resortwear Linen Dress
Marina Linen Dress with pink and orange stripes

That's it now. I'll be back soon! Pinky swear. 




P.S. The new high summer collection will be out and online SOON! Super excited to share it :)